Exciting News!

Exciting News!

We are partnering with “Stories for Young Children
We are adding value for the teachers and children in our ECD Centres! Children love stories and we all learn something from those children’s stories!

Vanessa Mentor from “Stories for Young Children” and Patti Reabow (First Steps – ECD Compliance Solutions) have been passionately excited and investing much time in important areas that stimulate and develop our little children


Keeping children safe is important!

The FIRST STEPS ECD Centre compliance toolkit provides the perfect platform for ECD CENTRE business development! Following the right (compliant) path from the start, creates a foundation for sustainable enterprise growth. The FS business structure is very much a “how to” toolkit for teachers and principals to manage an ECD centre!


Between us we can effectively, create jobs, stimulate children, drive enterprises development!
The path to a brighter future for all!

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