First Steps ECD Compliance toolkit


First Steps delivers all the compliance documents required to manage an ECD (Early Childhood Development) centre, creating a foundation for a safe and stimulating environment for South Africa’s children.


The fundamental reason we developed the First Steps compliance box is to help ECD (Early Childhood Development) centres to become registered. It means they qualify for government grants and belong to a formal ECD (Early Childhood Development) platform that gives them a legitimate voice. It also gives them a clear structure to run a successful business.


How did The First Steps ECD Compliance Toolkit come into being?

To meet a dire need to assist ECD (Early Childhood Development) centres with compliance and sustainable business practices


What is The First Steps Toolkit?

A totally comprehensive toolkit containing all elements and requirements to manage an ECD (Early Childhood Development)


What documents are contained therein?

All Policies, Procedures, templates, handbook, HR practices, learner administration, health and safety guides, finance and budget, posters and signs


Why is the toolkit so beneficial?

It provides all the essential business and operational basics to start, manage and operate an efficient and effective ECD (Early Childhood Development)centre


Things to keep in mind!

First Steps provides the business package so that the owner’s primary focus can be on teaching, programmes and learner development

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