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The First Steps compliance toolkit comes with an instruction map which navigates the path to compliance and registration.

A comprehensive First Steps compliance centre assessment tool or road map, enables a principal /owner to evaluate what stage their facility is at on the path to registration and which steps still need to be taken.

- Where I am, (non-compliant) what I need (partially-compliant), what I have already achieved (compliant).A tool to Enable a ECD centre to assess themselves. A transparent tool for potential donors / funders to assess their contributions towards the registration goal.

Help identify sponsors to invest in the First Steps compliance business system for ECD centres.

Select and match suitable ECD centres from our data base to donors.

Partner with ECD NGO’s to support the First Steps business solution for all ECD centres and promote sustainable development.

Connect into campaigns that want to make a difference and support ECD centres to thrive and get registered.

Partner with other ECD NGO’s to support the First Steps business solution for all ECD Centres and promote sustainable development.

On line advisory support.

ECD centre application forms can be found in your First Steps Compliance box

You can also Download ECD centre application forms by clicking the download button below.

Downloads Read The Process and Procedure Document

Impact of investment into ECD centres.

What does your donation or investment do?


1 box.

Text Holder

  • 1 school average 70 children.
  • 1 business enterprise in development.
  • 4 jobs created– principal educator and 2 care givers.
  • Potential to receive government grants for child feeding.

100 Boxes.

Text Holder

  • 100 schools = 7000 children.
  • 100 businesses in enterprise development.
  • 400 jobs created - principal, educators and care givers.
  • Potential to receive government grants to feed 7000 children.

We will give you feedback and keep you posted on what your investment is doing.

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