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The first one thousand days in a child’s life hold the key to unlocking their lifelong potential.

By the age of 5 almost 90% of a child’s brain will be developed. Early child development is an investment in the strengthening of South Africa’s social and economic future.




80% of ECD centres in South Africa are still not compliant

and therefore not able to provide safe and stimulating learning environments for our children.

Research shows that out of the six million children between the age of 0 and 5 years old, only 800 000 are in registered Early Childhood Development Centres.


That means that

5 200 000

children are not in a position to succeed.


The government explicitly recognizes the importance of Early Child Development.

National government aims to close ECD centres that are not working towards compliance and becoming a registered facility.


Unless ECD centres can prove that they are actively working towards compliance, they are under a real threat of being shut down.


This will have devastating consequences.


Most ECD teachers are unable to access all the elements to get to compliance.

“Where will I go?

 Where will I get those templates?

I don’t have transport money!

Printing posters is expensive!

How will I know it is the right form?

Compliance is complicated!


However, the process of compliance and registration sets out to protect the welfare of South Africa’s children, so each and every step towards compliance is vital.

The First Steps newly developed compliance toolkit is the first step to solve this problem. It is easy to use and empowers ECD centre Business owners to move swiftly forward, tracking and enabling their progress towards compliance.


Teachers are empowered to create environments where learners are healthy, safe, engaged supported and challenged.


Two workshop days can be arranged to facilitate existing ECD centres to learn with the aid of the First Steps toolkit, what the government is demanding they do to become registered.

Time is running out!


Invest in the future; make an immeasurable difference in the lives of soon to be adults in a successful and progressive South Africa.


Make an immeasurable difference to the lives of millions of children.

Your investment is in women, children and communities.


Your investment is in the future.

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