About Us

Our History

The fundamental reason we developed the First Steps compliance box is to help ECD centres to become registered. It means they qualify for government grants and belong to a formal ECD platform that gives them a legitimate voice. It also gives them a clear structure to run a successful business.


It is extremely difficult for well intentioned ECD principals and owners to navigate the intricacies of conducting a legitimate compliant business while delivering safe and stimulating care to children less than 6 years. Our experience in the field showed a desperate frustration to navigate the registration process. Limited technical resources, no administrative experience, limited education, transport, start up funding, financial know how, budgeting, legislation, red tape and legal  knowledge make it daunting.  Regulatory inspections and the threat of being closed are intimidating. First Steps focuses on all aspects of ECD centre administration and compliance.  ECD business owners are able to move quickly and efficiently into the business of caring and developing our children First Steps navigates “the business”.


First Steps supports government’s quest to have all ECD centres registered, from a point of view of creating a safe hub within a community, where children are safe, parents can go to work with peace of mind, a business can thrive and create jobs, and children are appropriately stimulated to become successful to lead our future.


If we are to break the cycle of Poverty, we need to educate the children of the poor.” – President Cyril Ramaphosa, SoNA 2018 .

Our Vision

Enable 500 ECD centres to move forward on the path to registration by the end of 2022.

Partner with ECD (Early Childhood Development) NGO’s who support ECD centres in any manner that contributes to compliance and supports the solutions that First Steps promotes towards registration.

Partner with private enterprise to help fund our drive to get 500 ECD centres registered by the end of 2022.

Partner with Department of Social Development, Education and Health to work with First Steps compliance business initiative and assist in the urgency to encourage successful and sustainable ECD centres as a business.

Focus on empowering woman to build sustainable businesses in their local community.

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