Demystifying some misconceptions around ECD

Demystifying some misconceptions around ECD

Does all ECD practitioners have to be qualified?

  • The DBE is not expecting all ECD practitioners to be qualified before 1 April 2022, but are encouraging all ECD practitioners to continue with their professional growth.
  • The ECD qualifications of NQF Level 4 and NQF Level 5 are still relevant, and the Department would like to encourage all ECD practitioners to strive to attain these qualifications.
  • We will be developing an ECD Human Resource Strategic Workforce Plan that will build onto the existing workforce. This plan will outline the qualifications that are available for ECD practitioners, the expectations in terms of competencies, skills and qualifications at different levels; flexible opportunities for training and development including recognition of prior learning; clear career paths and conditions of service.

Will ECD programmes still receive a subsidy?

  • Come 1 April 2022, the DBE will become responsible for paying the subsidies exactly the same as how the DSD has been doing.
  • ECD programmes should therefore still submit their business plans and apply for funding through the normal process so that the DBE can continue with the payments from next year onwards.

What will happen with ECD practitioners current employment arrangements?

  • ECD practitioners are currently employed by ECD programmes and this will remain the case come 1 April 2022.
  • The DBE will not become responsible for paying the salaries of ECD practitioners, this will still be the responsibility of the ECD programmes.
  • ECD programmes will remain the employers of ECD practitioners after the ECD function shift.

Will ECD programmes have to register with the Department of Basic Education in 2022?

  • If an ECD programme is registered with the DSD, their registration status will be transferred automatically to the DBE.
  • If an ECD programme’s registration status lapses in 2022, they will need to renew their registration with the DBE. .
  • If an ECD programme is unregistered, they will need to register with the DBE.
  • The DBE will follow the Vangasali registration process for all new registrations.

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