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First Steps ECD Compliance Toolkit Workshop

  • To Qualify for the workshop you need to have either purchased your First Steps ECD Compliance toolkit or have paid your first instalment using Pay Just Now You have paid account.
  • You will be eligible for a one day workshop – where you will receive your toolkit and understand how to use all the elements in the toolkit.
  • This workshop is dedicated to First Steps toolkit owners to ensure they understand how to use all the documents and contents. The objective is to ensure you get full value to enable the successful registration, running and management – day to day in your ECD Centre.
  • This is about your business 



Welcome – How did First Steps come about – Presentation


 Unpack the toolkit. 

  • The Box
  • The ECD Handbook
  • The Regulatory File and documents
  • Health and Safety 2 files
  • Learner Administration and learner contract folders
  • Human resources and employee contract folders
  • Finance, how to budget and month to month record keeping
  • Templates Go through the book 
  • Policies and Procedures – go through the book
  • Compulsory compliance signs for your Centre
  • Essential Posters 


Women for Business – Elizabeth Adamson.

  • The difference between NPO, NGO, NPC, PTY, and what works best for us.
  • Applications  for  a NPC (Not for Profit Organization) registration


PCCAFIS Pty Ltd – part of the “Unashamedly Ethical” campaign – Are your staff childcare verified.

  • PCC check and Form 29 (Section 126 of children’s act)
  • NRSO Affidavit (Section46 (1)
  • (2) and (3) of the criminal Law (sexual offenses and related matters)
  • Amendment Act, 32 of 2007 vetting and compliance process
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